taking stock

February :: 2015

Made: progress with my past video projects
Cooked:  Goat Cheese biscuits and Maple Balsamic Pork Tenderloin ~ Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist
Drank: a specific number of glasses of water, daily, no exceptions, still
Read: The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry
Wanted: to be mindful of my Savior and the greatest gift ever
Played:  Nascar video games with my son
Decided: to participate in Lent 
Wished: i was already moved
Enjoyed: watching a program with my husband, it is such a rarity.
Waited: to find out if we got the place we wanted
Wondered: what i am going to do when i grow up 
Pondered: what direction do i want my creativity to take?
Started: making time to read every day, most days
Watched: Parenthood for the first time
Hoped:  i would lose the weight, but i didn't, even after cutting out 6000 calories per week......:(

Needed: to be inspired to keep up the hard work
Smelled:  nothing
Wore: my new cactus green converse
Noticed: how much winter affects my inspiration for photography
Knew: i needed to keep up the hard work even if the scale doesn't show it 
Thought: how amazing it would be to live near the ocean
Admired: my daughter and the person she is becoming
Sorted: through videos from 2012
Bought: cactus green converse 
Finally: finished 3 video projects
Disliked: the cold
Felt: frustrated for not losing weight
Following: Ann Voscamps Lent  
Snacked: on dried pineapple rings 
Wished: i would sew some new scrub tops already... 
Listened: to Alison Krauss - went down to the river to pray
Discovered: fresh pineapple can make your tongue bleed
Scripture Reading: reading along with She Reads Truth and Shaun Groves


  1. Anonymous5.3.15

    really great stuff friend. I wonder if I should take a little stock too. Looks like a monthly thing that helps us see how we have grown! Love it. I love your videos too. You are good at it. You have a style. I appreciate you leading us in our "we shoot with soul group" You do such a good job at that. I started following Ann V on IG but that's about it. For the first time in many years I didn't participate in lent. sigh. not sure why. Just didn't jump in with both feet. I'm excited for your new place too, can't wait to see it!

  2. What a great taking stock and I love your 'admired'. I'm so proud of my girl. Good on your for completing some videos, I'm yet to make one. How bad am I? Can't wait to catch up on some vimeo. You are doing some great things. :)

  3. @Tracie @FourCalders ~ I hate that I can't reply to the comments, need to look into that. Thanks for stopping by! Tracie, thanks for the encouragement, and I am so excited about the new place! Cathie, I am heading over to your Vimeo to check out your videos! And no not bad at all, I just finished mine from almost 3 years ago !?#.!!


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