It's autumn, it's autumn!  I love, love, love autumn, but this year it has been a tad difficult for me to get into the groove.  I think it is because our last month of summer turned cold, and or because I think the older I get, the less I like winter.  I mean I like it in December, and I can deal with it in January, blizzards and all.  But come February, I start to get tired of it, and then the worst thing happens, it drags on and on and on.  We don't have spring here in these parts. It's winter all the way up until it isn't and then it's 90 degrees after a snow storm. It has been cold, and all I can think of is the bitter cold that will soon be here.  
So here I am trying to think of things I could do to appreciate one of my favorite seasons. I thought maybe I would blog now through November celebrating all the things I love about this time of year!  I don't think of autumn as starting until October 1st because my hope is always that September will be full of those waning summer moments.
I have lots of ideas, now I just have to do them.  My family continues to grow, and I am currently waiting for another little one to be born. So life has been very busy, but I am going to give it a good try!  I hope to get out there and take some new photos, but I also want to go through my old photos and find some that never made it off my computer. 

Here I go, walking into all that this season has to offer. 


  1. Beautiful images!!! Creative one! Love your friend, Tracie


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