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Aren't baby feet just the most cutest thing ever?  I mean I can not get enough, and I often feel like I am not savoring them enough.  Not being mindful enough of how cute they are, how they begin to morph in to kid feet, then into grown up feet.  I was sitting in the living room playing with Abigail when I just had to get a photo of those feet.  I also took a video of her sitting on my lap just twirling her feet, pointing her toes, and just being precious and not even knowing it.  

I was mindful of my own kids feet when they were babies as well, but I don't think I got any really great shots of them.  I might have considering I have 40+ rolls of film to develop from their early years, but at this rate I may never know.

I have a very large photo of all our feet in my living room.  I always surprised when people come to my house and find it strange that I have that photo.  You mean you don't have one in your house?  What's wrong with you?  You know who gets that, Tracie West, in her dinning room there is a photo of her family's feet as well!  That's why we mesh, we both relate to each others weird side!  This week Tracie is road tripping with good friends, what a blessed girl! She made sure and got her post ready before she left, be sure and check it out!

Who knew that such small feet could leave such bring imprints on your heart.
~ unknown


  1. I LOVE those tiny feet and I totally get you. 100% I get you and I love that we both have pictures of our families feet in our homes. This image is completely adorable. I love to imagine you taking this image down there at her level. It's a really great image, it makes me smile.


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