Our Mindful Eye

I love summer, fresh flowers, tropical flowers, and bringing the outdoors in.  I decided a long time ago that when I grocery shop, I get to buy myself fresh flowers.  Well doesn't work out as well as I like because sometimes I still can't justify the expense, but when they have my favorites I will.  I love having them around the house.  If you can't find any at the floral shop just go buy a $10 palm plant and then cut it up.  That's what you would pay for just the fronds anyways.  This beautiful frond came with 5 Birds of Paradise, something you will never see growing in SD.  

The lighting in my apartment isn't great, so I had to mess with a few things to make it work.  I love minimalist flower arrangements, especially the singular palm frond, swoon. I took several photos and maybe I will be able to work it into a series to hang on the wall but these are the two I will leave here.

Man I tell you what, I suck at composition, need to work on that badly. 

Tracie spent this past week traveling to Idaho with an old friend.  I saw some of what she captured on Instagram already.  She has a great eye for very cool things!  Be sure and check out what she was mindful of this past week. 


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