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I can't say that I was very mindful this week, not in the way that I want to be.  I had an agenda, and I was trying not to let anything get in the way.  I had a lot of balls in the air and I knew I was headed for a big crash if I didn't get some things done.  I didn't take a picture the whole week. It just occurred to me that I needed one to post tonight before I went to bed. After thinking about it, I decided to take a picture of some details in my art room. Those paints are still sitting out because they are for an unfinished project that I am going to finish soon! Cleaning the room was on my agenda because the room had become total chaos as it is often the place where stuff goes that has no home.  We have limited storage space so what's a person to do? I almost couldn't walk in there and my sewing machine was back to living at the kitchen table. I didn't get everything done, but I did get that room at least in working order.  Swwwwwwuuuuuu, and boy does it feels good! 

Tracie just got back from her trip this past week.  I know she is trying to get back on the healthy eating wagon again!  She takes such lovely pictures of her food, makes me want to eat things I wouldn't otherwise eat!  She is a busy women, meeting up with lots of people, wonder what we will see this week?


  1. I think as usual we are on the same page. That's why my mindful blog this week was very very SHORT! I decided to join Michelle GD this week in a 7 day intention challenge. I'm going to practice yoga each day this week to get myself grounded again. I've just gone crazy having a little too much fun. I love that you got your creative space in a little bit of order at least. I love your black and whites.


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