Dancing Queens

on 14.11.10

Victoria and Alyssa on Dinosaur Hill.  I posted this for the I heart faces silhouette challenge.


My gosh, the lighting in this shot is just so cool! I love it.

by Cecily R on 15.11.10. #

Wow! How did you get this light in the background? It's great!

by Valeria on 15.11.10. #

I really like the background, very cool.

by Prairie Mother on 15.11.10. #

Very cool urban look. Love it!!!

by Tracy on 15.11.10. #

One of the best photo I've seen in this contest! Bravo from Greece :)

by Maoda on 15.11.10. #

Wow, so cool! Beautiful light and color. Love it!

Erika B

by Erika B on 15.11.10. #

I really adore this picture. It is out of this world sensational! LOVE it!

by Life with Kaishon on 15.11.10. #

I'm loving this background, it's perfect for the energy in the picture.

by Charlene on 15.11.10. #

I love everything about this photo!

by Elizabeth @ Musings on 16.11.10. #

I LOVE this photo! I love the colors and the blokh you have going on! It's awesome! Great shot!

by SouthAsiaRocks on 16.11.10. #

Thank you to everyone who has left comments, you were very generous!

by 22 Limes on 18.11.10. #

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