October in pictures ~


Did I mention I love photo collages?  I

love seeing images that relate to each other in some

way.   This is my October in pictures.  Some were

previous posts, others are photos I just didn't get

around to posting.  Together they represent autumn,

 the past, and lots of memories.  

For example the tree in

the top left corner was taken when we took my

nephew to Sioux Park, the mini pumpkin sign on one

of our many trips to Jolly Lane, the oak leaf  when

Dean and I went to parade of homes, the fire 

was from a camping trip, the aspen leaves are from

when we went to lunch in Spearfish Canyon, the

cookies, well those are our favorite fall cookie,

pumpkin drops and the tree near the bottom was

taken at Robinsdale Park while Victoria and I waited

for Bramm during football practice. I love just seeing

it all together. 



  1. tanya5.11.10

    Ooh that b/w is beautiful çhris! I love the rich grays and the contrast with the background.


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