Everyday Elements: Show your skills

This is a SOOC photo taken by Amanda Padgett.  Below it is my edited versions of it using PSE 7.


I started off by cleaning up the picture with EE In a hurry, and quick finish.  I brightened the catch lights in her eyes and removed a little of the dark circles.
Then I ran PW boost for a little extra punch and contrast and then I ran message in a bottle.  I did not intentially do any selective color, but I lowered on of the masks, and it left a slight color in her sweater, and I thought well, ok, maybe. Oh ya, and I cropped it.

I started with my clean edit (see above), then I ran CS Spendor B/W and played with the sliders.  I like b/w that has a touch of other tones.

Started with my clean edit (see above) then I did CS bittersweet vintage.

This one I did the same as above picture but I finished it off with PW seventies and lowered the opacity.  I think my favorite one is the last one!

Show your Skills at Everyday Elements


  1. I like all the different looks you were able to come up with!

  2. I like how you did several edits - they are all great! I think, though, the PW's 70s action one is my favorite!


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