November ~ Black and White

This month I am embarking on a very exciting assignment ~ black and white photography! Just when I thought this might be an easy assignment, I learned otherwise.  Black and white photography requires a lot more skill than you might realize.  Ansel Adams didn't just take photos with black and white film, not even close.  Not only did he learn to see tonally (you can learn this with practice), but with the technology of his time, like filters, and hours of manipulating film in the darkroom with chemicals and such,  he created beautiful captures in time.  Fast forward to modern photography, and we still use many of the same techniques in post processing just not with film (at least not as often). Here are a few things I have learned that might be helpful to you as well.

1.  Never, never, never use your b/w setting on your camera. (The exception is if you have the ability to shoot in RAW.)

2.  Low contrast situations can be ideal for b/w, don't let overcast or dark days keep you inside. (This seems a little backwards when you read the next one.)

3.  Contrast is important, it is what defines in the absence of color, although not always the goal. (think minimalism)

I will be posting most of my photos on this blog including the ones that might not fit the assignment.  My favorite ones will also be posted on my photo blog  I welcome your comments and constructive criticisms. 


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