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It's official, Tracie and I have completed this project for 4 weeks in a row!  That means it should start feeling like a habit, right?  We also opened up an Instagram page for our little project, you can find us @ourmindfuleye.  If you too are looking for motivation to dust off your DSLR, you can use the hashtag #ourmindfuleye, and join us!  The only rules are using your DSLR, and capturing what you take notice of, it's that easy. 

This week I took a photo of my granddaughters pink chucks that I purchased for her on her 1st birthday.  It is a family tradition, a rite of passage with us, getting your first chucks.  And why not, the family who wears chucks together, stays together, yes?  Who doesn't love chucks?  I am pretty sure I will be wearing them when I am 80 years old, but maybe with better insoles......

This photo just makes me think of the advent of childhood. Granddaughter one recently turned one, and really began to take on the child like qualities while shedding her baby ways. Walking was part of that. Moving forward is always exciting and fun with a hint of sadness. 

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons.
 ~Author Unknown


  1. this image would make an adorable greeting card! I love it and I love the family tradition of chuck's. Does she have Doc Martens yet (giggle) I know her granny was a punk rocker!

    1. Ha ha......you said granny ;)


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