Day 1 ~ the quintessential fall

on 22.9.14

Today is day 1 of our fall collaboration! The quintessential fall, the ever beautiful fall leaf, falling leaves, wind swept streets with leaf swirls, all symbolic of this time of year. Where I live here in the mid-west, our colors tend to be the brightest yellow, with a touch of orange, and the occasional red. If I had my way, there would be far more Maples, and Oaks around here, I digress.  Fall is the only time of year I embrace warm colors (I'm weird like that), and boy do I embrace them, I mean I can't imagine a fall without them, can you?  
I couldn't stop at just one, so there are a couple extras.  The first leaf I came across, came with its own smiley face. Now that's a find!  Don't forget to check out Tracie West's fall finds.  

          Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus


You are such a great photographer and I adore the happy face in your leaf. I love how we both included a really great quote. This will be so good and your fall will look so completely different from mine. Our ocean is magical but in Southern California we lack the vivid color you get. I mean Northern California gets it a little but around here it's only here or there but not in blankets or anything. That's why I adore this project even more. It's a true challenge and at the same time I get the blessings of seeing what you see over there. Thank you.

by lifeinthewyldewest on 22.9.14. #

I love the happy face in the leaf!

by didthatjusthappenblog on 22.9.14. #

Thanks Tracie! From your lips to my heart!

by 22 limes on 23.9.14. #

@didthatjusthappen, thanks so much for stopping by!

by 22 limes on 23.9.14. #

Ahh fall such a wonderful time of year, I see we are in the same class s2f will be nice to know you better.

by Barbara on 24.9.14. #

Visiting from s2f. Lovely website - enjoyed your last few posts and can relate to many of your thoughts and feelings. Great fall photos - beautiful focus on the colorful leaves.

by Donna Hopkins on 25.9.14. #

@ Donna and Barbara ~ Thanks so much for visiting and leaving some love! Look forward to seeing your s2f projects.

by 22 limes on 26.9.14. #

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