What does Autumn, gratitude, and Tracy Clark have in common?

What does Autumn, gratitude and Tracy Clark have in common?  Inspiration, that is what they have in common!  Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, it never ceases to inspire me!  It inspires me to nest, to revamp, to create, to get cozy, to get baking, to romanticize the everyday, to wear a scarf, to embrace warm colors, to make lists, to read a book, to watch You've Got Mail, and really to enjoy every moment before winter hits.  It makes me giddy, slaps a big smile across my face.  All of these things lead me to gratitude.  There is so much to be grateful for, so many blessings that we take for granted. Some blessings are huge and very noticeable,  and some we see everyday, and thus go unnoticed.  And what does all this have to do with Tracy Clark?  Well, she is the creator behind the Picture This workshops. These are not technical classes on how to take amazing photographs, these are classes to inspire, to help you look beyond the noticeable. The description of the class states its purpose as such "to encourage and inspire you to celebrate the season of gratitude with an open heart and a poised lens".  I took the Picture the Holidays in 2010, and it was great! I have always planned on doing the Picture Fall class, but have yet to do it.  I asked Tracie West if she would be interested in doing it with me, and she said YES! So autumn 2014, here we come!  We will be posting our own interpretations of the prompts on our personal blogs every Monday and Friday.  If any one else would feel so inclined to share their own autumn inspirations, feel free to leave a photo in the comments or a link to your photos.  

See you Monday.

p.s.  I was watching You've Got Mail while writing this post!


  1. Anonymous21.9.14

    Your fall is so crisp and vibrant. I absolutly love this picture here and I love that you have fall traditions. Fall is my most favorite season too. It tops them all as far as I'm concerned. I always sit back and take in all the fall images from all around the country when fall hits, its so different most places than my fall here. I begin to crave everything pumpkin and I'm so excited to see what you will post on Monday. How different will it be from mine. I know it will be so very different and I just can't wait it's a lot like Christmas.

    Love your friend


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