Day 3 ~ finding beauty

Today is day 3 of Picture Fall, and I am loving it!  Our assignment today was to focus on beauty that often goes unnoticed.  In autumn, there are so many beautiful colors, lots of texture, changes in the weather, and of course changes in our environment. With all these things happening at once, it is easy to overlook the details.  God is in the details, and I don't want to miss them!  When I read the assignment, something immediately came to mind. It is a detail that has always been very important to me.  I will go to great lengths to make sure this detail is not overlooked.  My family likes to tease me about this particular detail, but I happen to love this detail.  So are you curious?  Ok, ok, the detail is none other than............................. the dried vine and stem left on a pumpkin.  Can I get an amen? You know the tiny corkscrew twigs that you can never find on a pumpkin in the grocery store, let alone a stem.  I admit it, I drool over these, and the more left on the better.  A pumpkin without it is just unworthy, it's like a Christmas tree without needles. You feel me?   I have a feeling there are more of you out there that agree with me than my family realizes.........
Don't forget I am doing this project with Tracie West . So head over to her blog and see what details she captured this week.

                          “To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.” 

                                                          ~ Mary Oliver


  1. Anonymous29.9.14

    I totally agree. Those little piglet tails are the most darling! I love that this is your detail. I also LOVE that you show us in black and white, giving it an entirely different prospective.

    Love your friend


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