Day 2 ~ get comfy

Today is day 2 of Picture Fall.  We were told to get our easy chair, get comfy, and to capture an image that shows the true comfort of our soul.   My favorite place to be is always somewhere outside.  If I can't go outside, then I want to bring the outside inside.  The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is open curtains, and windows.  Much to my husband's dislike, I even open windows in the winter with the heat on.  I need to hear the outside.  The ideal place for me would be near the ocean, as in look outside, and see, hear and smell the ocean.  Instead I live in the mid-west, no where near the ocean, so I settle for the next best thing, creeks, rivers, and lakes.  This picture was taken in a beautiful wooded area of town, near a beautiful man made lake called Canyon Lake. We have a creek that runs right along side this wooded area, spilling in to Canyon Lake, and supplying the beautiful sound of running water, that I love! This area is stunning especially in the fall.  Grab a blanket, or chair, pack a picnic, sit at the waters edge, and enjoy a great book, oh the life!   So you see, my easy chair does not belong inside, nor do I. This image does capture where my soul finds comfort, in and among God's creation! This quote says it best.

God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars. ~Author unknown
       Here is a snippet that says it well.

Nature inspires my everything. She inspires my solitude, and my writing and my art. She lifts me upon her welcoming wings and soars me through the sky of possibilities. She colors my day, brightens my soul, and calms my nights. She is fierce and beautiful, strong and delicate — an unrelenting Queen so generous of advice and never weary of new beginnings. In spring a colorful maiden, in winter a wise old lady, in autumn a looking-glass to my falling-leaf self, and summer a warm blossomed benefactor, comrade to the sun. A constant companion — sometimes indifferent, sometimes nuzzling me with her genial breezes and raining drops of heaven onto me. To close my windows and shut her out is error and melancholy. ~T. G.

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  1. Anonymous26.9.14

    When I read your blog posts I am left feeling as though I'm reading through a really good book or an inspiring magazine article. Your images are so so wonderful and I'm wondering with this fall course if you are also intermixing your Kim Klassen textures. This image looks as if it may have a some texture to it. I love to open our shutters and windows too. I love the outside air and also the outside light. When the boys play their games or watch movies they close everything up like a cave. It feels so wrong. I just want to open all the shutters and let the light in. Even when it's dark out I want them open. This is beautiful. Your words, the words you share from others and of course your wonderful image. I need to slow down just a tad and read our assignments better. I think I had a feeling of urgency in the beginning and each day with a new assignment in my in box I was trying to keep up and in doing so losing the magic of the moment. Now I get it. We slowly go at our own pace and the way you suggested Monday's and Friday's takes the pressure off, which is how it should be. Love your friend Tracie

  2. Oh Tracie, thank you so much for your kind words. I am always surprised when people say they like my work, heck I'm surprised when people remember my name. So it really goes a long way, thank you for that! I did not use any texture in the photo. Kim's class that I am taking has to do with still lifes, and it just started on Tuesday. I do like adding textures, but I have not done a lot of Photoshop lately as in the last 2 years. I got an iPod, and kind of forgot about my DSLR for the most part. Actually I kind of lost my way, inspiration wise, and iphoneography kind of helped me from not losing it completely. As for windows, it is almost a pet peeve for me. I say that because I am always making a comment here or there when I see people who never open their blinds, I don't know how they can stand it. We use to live in a 100 yr old brick house that didn't have air conditioning. We lived there for 7 years, and never purchased an air conditioner until our 6th year, when we had a extremely hot summer, as in 113 degrees. I broke down and bought one, but we only used it a few times. I just hate shutting the windows. I mean you wait all winter long to open your windows and have beautiful breezes, and then you shut them to turn the air on. I just can't do it. We did turn our central air on this summer a couple of times, and truth be told, I still left some windows open. It makes for the perfect blend, not too hot, not too cold, and the windows are open (I'm know some people would gasp at that). Funny story, we use to live in a house that had a funky window, short but wide, so our bed was under it. In the winter I also like to open a window, if even a crack. Well, we had the window open over night, and we woke up with snow on us, or perhaps that's why we woke up. Makes me laugh just thinking about it. As for our assignment, I didn't feel like you were missing it. I loved your story, your nostalgia, and your photos! I think you nailed it!

  3. Anonymous27.9.14

    I love coming back to read your story about windows! If we happen to share a room in Oregon, we can for sure crack a window;)


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