day 11 ~ stripping down

Texture, beautiful texture.  We were encouraged to find something that begged to be photographed because of its texture, then strip it of its color.  I immediately thought of this lavender I planted that was not the usual type I have planted before.  It didn't bloom for me this season, but every time I walked by it, I notice its tiny lobbed leaves, and I immediately had to touch it. Call me weird. The other thing that always gets my attention is the little splinters of twine that seem to boing (is that a word) out from the twine itself.  I did a little series last winter with my iPod, trying to capture the simplicity that is twine splinters.  So while I was capturing the lavender, the twine that was still wrapped around my bamboo poles spoke to me as well. 
I wonder what Tracie West found for texture in her neck of the woods?  

 A subtle amount of texture attracts the eye. 


  1. Anonymous7.11.14

    firstly! this is amazing and I really love the twine. Secondly. I'm behind. So I will work on my texture when I get home from work today. You see, I'm glad you posted first because somewhere along the lines, I lost track of this prompt. I thought we were on one to do with "take some time out" I had not been able to really take some true time out this week so I had not got to THAT prompt which was the wrong one anyway! I could have done this one no problem. I could have found a few minutes to appreciate texture which I will do when I get home. So whew. Glad you posted first. I clearly see in my messages I'm missing this day. I probably deleted it. I'm known for deleting things. You found the most perfect quote too and did you use your prime lens, now that I know what that means. lol.


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