Day 9 ~ what remains

What the season moves forward, there is still those things, living or non living, that are holding on.  Its time has not come.  Where I live, the weather has been very mild for what is the first time in my memory.  We are actually having an autumn, and it has been amazing!  I still have some things in my garden that are flowering, tomatoes that have not been picked, and tropical plants that have not been brought inside.   The grass is still very green, though the trees are now naked. I am thankful for what still remains.  

Autumn is the hush before winter. ~French Proverb

This prompt could have really went two directions.  I went with the more literal interpretation, dealing with autumn, and seasonal things that remain.  We were also asked to consider our hearts and minds, and those things in life that we may not be ready to give up, things that still remain.  I am curious to see what route my co-conspirator Tracie West took.  


  1. Anonymous1.11.14

    we both took it quite literal! LOVE THIS!! I wanted so bad to find one little tomato that was hanging on too. I couldn't find it here cause I tore all mine out a month ago. And you had such great light! It was awesomely overcast yesterday here and last night and this morning we got RAIN!!


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