day 12 ~ take some time out

Why is taking time out to do something you love so difficult?  For me, it is something that has taken a back seat for years.  There have been moments, occasions, but definitely not enough to add up to a habit.  Having raised two children, homeschooling them from beginning to end, and working part time might be part of the reason......ya think?  There are several things that I love to do for me, like art, reading, learning foreign languages, photography, creating, doing, going, nature, I could go on.  Now that I am entering a new season in my life, I have time to focus on these things more. kind of.  I still find it difficult to find the time. I have decided to try and do a little something each day, so my plan is to read a little, create a little, and learn a little.  Still working on it.  
One of the things I decided to do in early summer is sign up for a mixed media art class.  I had all summer to do it, and I failed.......story of my life.  I decided several weeks ago to get back on the wagon and get it done.  So today for my time out, I worked on this project.  
Years ago, in 6th grade, a mixed media artist came to our class and shared her methods, and brought materials for us to create our own.  I enjoyed art, but I didn't like her art, and I didn't like the art I created either.  I just didn't like mixed media.  Consistent I am, I still am not a fan, though I have seen some things that make me think.....hmmmmm.....maybe. 
So when I came across these classes, I decided why not.....At the very least I will learn new techniques, how to manipulate new materials, and maybe I will be able to find my own voice in this new adventure, and then maybe I won't, but I will have had the experience.  I will have learned.  And even if I don't like my creation, I will definitely enjoy the process, just because I get too.
So this project is called funky flowers, and I didn't go in the direction that was suggested completely, because I just wasn't fond of it.  I found materials that I felt reflected me, and have been working it and reworking it. I am almost done, but I have to wait for it to dry so I can antique it. 
I would like to add that while I was enjoying my creative process, the weather outside was worsening. At one point, it sounded like sand was being hurled against the windows, as it was raining frozen pellets, before the snow fell. 
I am not sure if I enjoyed the art more, or being silly. I already got to see Tracie's post, and I would love to do that!  She is a blessed women! Don't forget to see for yourself!

 Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.
 ~T. Tharp


  1. Anonymous10.11.14

    You sure make me smile so BIG. I love your playful side and I was thinking about something. We forgot to do one thing. We forgot to jump on the hotel room beds when we spent that awesome weekend together. I had thought of doing it and I'm so easily distracted, as quickly as I thought of it, I had moved on to something else. Probably the core workout we got when we laughed our heads off on the gravity, serious shot. I love how you make me laugh and I can see now your apron is not lime green, and I see lots of really cool words on your project and you know how I feel about words and just the fact that you came back to this project and are creating makes me happy.


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