gratitude ~ day 2

                                            God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.
                                                Have you used one to say "thank you?"
                                                              ~ William A. Ward

today is Veteran's Day.
how do you say thank you for the giving up of ones life?
how do you say thank you to those who willing put themselves in dangers way?
how do you say thank you for leaving
the comfort of your home,
your family,
your friends,
your life,
for millions of people you have never met,
who don't even know your name?
today i have no photo.
but i do have sincere gratitude
for the freedom i have to vote,
for the safety that i take for granted daily,
for the freedom to choose my path,
my own beliefs, and to share ideas openly.
these and so many more.
while i sit and enjoy
a tv program with my family, 
under peaceful skies,
an American soldier is battling for his life,
bombs landing around him,
guns aiming for him,
evil lurking on the ground.
how do you say thank you?
i try to be mindful.
i remind myself of what was lost
so i could gain.
i try not to bury my head in the sand,
about things i wish were not so.
i try to listen to things that are
a soldiers suffering,
so that i don't forget,
and become
when i hear the
national anthem,
i am reminded 
to pray.
i pray over the soldier 
and his/her family,
though it is not enough,
i say
thank YOU. 


  1. Anonymous13.11.14

    your gratitude for these men and women is beautiful. so poetic and profound. what a gift to write like this. to express.


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