day 2 :: twinkle lights

Today's prompt is twinkle lights, and who doesn't love those! I love them so much that I put about 20 strands on our Christmas tree, always in white.  When the kids were younger we would put up a second tree in colored lights.  I have twinkle lights on my balcony all year round, and 2 other strands that I use in the house as regular decor.  They just set the perfect mood.  Even though I love the white lights, I will say that there is something about colored lights that makes you feel like a little kid again. Don't forget to check out Tracie, Abbie and Victoria's interpretation of the prompt!

                                John 1:5
                 The light shines in the darkness,
             and the darkness has not overcome it.





  1. YOU did it!! I sure love that you gathered a group of us to share our interpretation of the prompts we have been given this month. You sure pulled it off being you didn't have your tree up yet. Your picture tree looks HUGE! Well done by all.

  2. Thanks Tracie! That is an outside tree that is in our Main Street Square. It is a Charles Dickens looking place at Christmas. It is in the middle of downtown, with an outdoor ice rink, lots of lights, and food choices, a stage, and blaring music. I love it! And yes the tree was very very large Spruce.


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