day 6 :: tiny wonders

Today's prompt had to do with celebrating the tiny wonders in the ordinary moments, or mundane tasks.  I was working on unpacking Christmas stuff to get ready to decorate.  I have these real branches that are covered in little sparkling balls to look like frost. They have always just kind of fascinated me.  I love when they catch the light, they turn into little bokeh balls.  When I saw them poking out of the box, I grabbed them.  Unfortunately, I had a hard time taking a picture that was interesting with out being completely abstract.  I took many photos, until I finally just said, "well it is what it is."  

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Carry the spirit of a child. Just keep getting really excited about things and see the world as massive and unending in inspiration, color and dreams and spread those sparks around so everyone is on fire too because wonder is a contagious burning thing that fuels adulthood like the slingshot of an arrow.  The rush it brings. 
 ~ V. Erickson 


I've been battling a sore throat for a week now, so the simplest of things like an individually wrapped mint candy means help to me.


This morning it was, to quote a very young Victoria from many years ago, "freakin’ cold”. Minus 9 as I was hefting a ladder around to capture icicle pictures, my nose hairs stiff and prickly (and sadly, there are so very many of them. I mean seriously, like my old shop teacher in junior high. We marveled at how packed with hair his ears and nose were. But I digress.) So up to the roof I climb and, what to my wondering eyes should appear but what looked like a vast forest of tiny ice crystals reaching up to heaven from their snowy field. 


  1. I LOVE your images and I think Tanya is a "hoot" speaking in my old gal language. I can leave a comment from here. Thank goodness. I so admire the you all have snow over there. You should see my view today...not EVEN CLOSE.


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