day 4 :: smile

Day 4's prompt was to capture a smiling face. My niece had a birthday the other day so there was plenty of smiling faces.  I knitted her a pink scarf, and her parents got her a grey coat, neither of us knew but it worked out great.  In this picture she has both on and she was having fun spinning!  Her brother has also discovered the fun of a selfie.  When he saw me take out my iPod, he wanted us to take a selfie.  You can't see me in this picture but you can see his super cute snarling smile!  Don't forget to check out Victoria and Tracie West's contributions!


I know the quality of this picture is terrible- it was just a quick snapshot with my phone, but the smiles just make me too happy to pass up. Getting the Christmas tree is always fun for me, but it was clearly a good time for everyone else, too. Maybe it had to do with the fact that this was the first time the kids got to help with cutting it down, but it's probably more just the fact that it's one step closer to all those presents!!


                            A day of hunting 
                            Christmas tree's 
                        always ends in smiles
                               with family 
                           and hot chocolate, 
                     extra special hot chocolate.


  1. Anonymous7.12.16

    Loving your and Tracie's pics Christina.

  2. gosh you guys, I love all these SMILES. I'm a little teeny tiny bit envious that you can go cut your own tree in the snow. I mean not in a bad way because I know we shouldn't envy and all but like in a way where I close my eyes and pretend to be you all for a moment cutting down our own tree. It's so nice you can share your point of view since it's completely different from mine.


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