day 7 :: express yourself

I have fallen behind, which is rather sad I think. Instead of getting down on myself, I am just going to forge ahead.  Our prompt for day seven was to express yourself, to tune into your emotional gauge and capture where you are at.  My initial photo I captured was a rather moody shot, but then I decided to go with this one. I met with some ladies to talk about life at the Pure Bean.  I HATE coffee, so I had my usual, hot chocolate. Yummy........anyways I have not fully been feeling the man made Christmas spirit manifesting as of yet. So I am just trying to be mindful of the moments, and appreciate what is.

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Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day.
 ~Author Unknown


   After a poor nights sleep this is what the world looked like today. I could not focus.


  1. Dean is part of our no sleep club. What a group we are. I think your hot chocolate looks like an add or like it should grace the pages of a really cool magazine.


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