day 5 :: divinity

Some how I have become a day behind.  On this day we had to capture the divinity in our life through either a symbol, or a feeling.  The symbol that represents my faith as a born again follower of Christ is the cross. Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and gave the greatest gift ever given, eternal life.  It is was defines me, and my life. This cross in particular was made by my grandfather who has since passed,with the same kind of nails that were used on Jesus.  
I love what the others captured as well!  Don't forget to check out Victoria and Tracie West!     



Today’s idea of translating the divinity in our lives was an easy one to come up with after glancing over at this craft that my ‘best friend back home’ and I did together. (Though the execution wasn’t so easy for me, I had trouble getting the focus on the deer instead of just the glass in front of the deer). Anyways, for a long time my husband and I have felt like this deer-trapped within invisible boundaries while watching those around us flourish. Recently, in a rare time of joint-prayer, my husband got the clear message from the Lord that ‘[we’re] so close (to our happiness), just hang on’. So here we’ll stay, patiently waiting for God to bring us to the point where we, too, can be set free to live out our giftings and find our ‘happiness/fulfillment/whatever you want to call it’. This is the divinity in our lives, the actions of God in our lives, right now.

                       I love the sun's light. 
                      It always reminds me 
                of the power of Gods creation.
             Here it almost looks like someone
       is walking or being created out of the sun.


  1. you all are nice and deep, I LOVE that. I missed these days that you have shared here and I like the different takes you have on this topic.


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